Pablo Alto Gigs..


Crash Bang Wallop! Fest, Stourport Sat 7th Sept

Fredfest Sat 6 July line-up tbc

Pablo Alto / Balaban & The Bald Illeagles / Bedtime Susan, Annie’s, Worcester, Fri 26 April


American Sign Language / Pablo Alto Paradiddles, Worcester Tues 18 Sept

Worcester Music Festival Pablo Alto / Black Boxes / Soden / Nasty Little Lonely / The Arboretum / Esuna / The Contact High Sat 15 Sept

Billy Whizz / Pablo Alto / The Way Ledbury British Legion Sat 8 July

Fredfest Music Festival w/ Billy Whizz / Mark Stevenson / The Youth Within / Jak Raven 23 June

Carnival Records, Malvern RSD day – Pablo Alto / The Cinematic Orchestra / Nuns Of The Tundra / Alula Down / Babajack / Vaginapocalypse Carnival Records, Malvern Sat 21 April

As Mamas / Pablo Alto / KEYS, Paradiddles, Worcester Sat 13 March

Dr Chan / Pablo Alto / As Mamas, Heroes, Worcester Mon 26 Feb


Billy Whizz / Pablo Alto / The Youth Within, Ledbury British Legion Sat 4 Nov

Worcester Music Festival, Pablo Alto / Black Boxes / Falling Stacks / Repo Man + more The Firefly Sat 16 Sept

Reverberation Psych Fest, Pablo Alto / Strange Cages / Dusty Mush /  Table Scraps / Abjects / As Mamas / Captain Suun / Insomnichord, The Victoria, London sat 23 Sept

Billy Whizz, The Youth Within, Pablo Alto, Offal Club, Ledbury British Legion, Sat 4 Nov

Down On The Farm Festival, Dr Feelgood / The Delray Rockets / Pablo Alto / Song Of Clogger / Brassic / January Girl + more, Hereford Sat 12 Aug

Pablo Alto / Last Tree Squad / Enmerkar / The Archivists, Skate 4 Cancer benefit, Hereford Sun 28 May

Pablo Alto / Raptor / As Mamas, Ledbury Royal Hall w/ Raptor Fri 9 June

Pablo Alto / Nudiebranch, Leominster Reet Petite Sat 10 June

Pablo Alto / Billy Whizz / The Youth Within / Poxymoron, Fredfest, Bromsberrow Sat 24 June

Troy Redfern Band / Pablo Alto / Shop Front Heroes / Kings of Conspiracy, Knighton Community Centre Sat 1 July

Dusty Mush, Pablo Alto, Yo No Se. Worcester Firefly, Thurs 13 April



The Evil Usses, Pablo Alto, Maniac SS, Hereford Booth Hall, Fri 2 Dec

Pablo Alto, The Hungry Ghosts, Hereford Booth Hall, Fri 25th November

Pablo Alto, Terminal Rage, Skewwhiff  Hereford Booth Hall, Thurs 25 August

Fredfest with Pablo Alto, The Youth Within, Poxymoron, Mark Stevenson, Sat 20 August

Bobblestock Stock 2 Festival : Pablo Alto, Black Boxes, Skinhorse, Elspeth Annie, Shannon Mae etc The Field Behind Greenacres, Roman Road, Hereford, HR4 9QW  Sat 16 July

Punk’n’Poetry – Pablo Alto / The Youth Within / Jonny Fluffypunk / Spoz, Ledbury British Legion Thur 7 July

Pablo Alto /A Hundred Suns / Teddy’s Leg, Booth Hall, Hereford Thurs 17 March


Malvern Rocks! Music Festival, Great Malvern Hotel, Sat 2 Aug

Marlbank Music Festival, The Marlbank Inn, Fri 14 Aug

Ultimate Painting / The Jesuits / Pablo Alto, Bristol Start the Bus, Thur 12 Nov

Billy Whizz / The Youth Within / Pablo Alto, Ledbury British Legion, Sat 28 NovP